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What is ECHO?

 It’s a global movement of virtually uniting centralized experts at the “hub” to clinicians in the community (“spokes”) to help provide teaching and case consultation discussions through a regular telementoring group.


The Clozapine CHAMPION-ECHO is aimed at improving knowledge of and competence in clozapine prescribing and treatment.

Consultation Center (CCC)

If you have any questions about Clozapine use, you can contact our CHAMPION experts. A member of our team will return your call or email within approximately 24 hours to help answer your question or connect you with an expert to assist. On weekends, this will occur on the next business day. For holidays, please allow 72 hours. 

For clinical purposes you will be asked your name, contact information, topic and basic information about the questions. This will allow the call center to connect you with someone to assist. Please note the CCC does not collect any PHI (personal health information) and is confidential.



Disclosure: Recommendations made are not binding and do not create or otherwise establish any relationship between the hub clinician and any prescriber or clinician asking for advice. The hub site is not liable for patient outcomes and information provided is for the treating provider to consider in the treatment of their patients

Clozapine Consultation Ceneter



We have officially ended our recruitment for the CHAMPION-ECHO study. Thank you to the sites and clinicians who have signed up!

    Have any questions about clozapine?


If you are a provider in Maryland and have questions about clozapine you can reach out to our Clozapine Consultation Center. The service is available to anyone and all consultations are free.


(410) 292-5707

Consultation Center


(410) 292-5707

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